Monday, December 18, 2006

The Way to be-Vegetarianism

I spotted these a few days back when and found them worth it to push the cause of Veggie.

"I do not want my stomach to be a graveyard of dead animals" Geaoge Bernard Shaw

"Some people counter attack the vegetarian diet saying that milk is non-vegetarian. Well, it does not matter whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the point is that it is meant to be taken out(the milk) from the cows body. Ever notice how a cow is relieved after it is milked. While can we say the same for the beef, meat, chicken etc. Infact all the non veggies should atleast once visit the slaughter house and see the whole thing"

"As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love."-Pythagoras

I could never understand why do we have to rely on cumpulsive non- vegetarianism. I have known people who go berserk whe they miss out on their regular weekly diet of meat, chicken, fish etc. What is so great about the whole thing. Let us just have a tete-a-tete with a non veggie with his usual counter attacks on veggies.

Non-Veggie: Hmmm, so you think that veggies is the way to be?forget it man!We have been non-veggies since the genesis of mankind. Do you think that our fore fathers were veggies. You gotta be kidding!

Veggie: You are absolutely right when you said that the first man to walk on this earth was from your league. But then remember that he was a savage too and it was a million yeras ago. We have evolved into better beings since then. As Einstein says " We are evolving from non-vegetarianism to vegetarianism as we evolve into more conscentious, ethical beings." And that is very much visible If you ever leave a piece of meat in front of a baby and a banana on the floor, the baby would always pick up the bannana.Wonder how that is?Well that is because the human body is inherently veggie.We are meant to be Veggies and are evolving into veggies.Lets not devolute now.

Non-Veggie: OK, all this crap about evolution and stuff gives me the creeps. I just know that i love to live on a non-veggie diet. After all, we live to eat isn't it? And besides that, your veggie diet would never provide me with all the proteins which chicken, fish can provide me. So Non- veg is the way to be!
Veggie: Agreed, Non- veg is more nutritious in certain respects. But it is also more nutritious in terms of pesticides, toxins etc. I guess you should know that as we move up the food chain, the concentration of toxins increases. So what you are taking in is more of toxins also which would do you more harm than good. And yes, we do live to eat, we should enjoy every moment of life but at the cost of a baby chicken, or a cow. I don't think so.

Non-Veggie: Hmmm, you mean to say that the Non-Veggies are taking away precious life from the very planet Earth and you want us to be more considerate towards the animals. Did you know that even plants have life in them? How do you support yourself now.Arent you also taking away life from them. So in a sense you also are non-veggies.

Veggie: yeah we are and i dont mind being one as long as i am not killing recklessly. Atleast we have the advantage of having fresh food. What you eat is stale corpses right out of slaughter houses. While what we eat is atleast fresh food which is meant to be eaten according to the nature's cycle. Yes, i wont deny the consumption of fishes, or sea food for people in coastal areas. But what about those who eat chicken, meat, pork etc just for the sake of it. I don't find much of an explanation for it.

Non-Veggie: Now don't you get me started. We human beings are superior and have the power. Why not use it? Why cant i have choice at my disposal? God made us better than the other animals not for nothing. We are meant to be superior to them and it is the nature's law of Survival of the fittest.

Veggie: If that be the case buddy, then i as well might eat the human featus or God forbidden, the human baby itself. After all, i am superior to the new born. Then we have logic in Cannibalism too. Man with unlimited choice at his disposal is equivalent to an animal in every sense if he is allowed to pursue what he wants to. And that is why the cimvilisation lays down some rules and regulations so that the machinery of the world runs in the right manner. Let a bolt loose and you would find the machinery destroyed. The bottom line i sthat the arguements of 'having options will do' will not hold valid in a civilised society.

Non-Veggie: What about my taste buds? Am i not also allowed to live the way i want to? After all, good food is the food for the soul. I cannot devooid my taste buds just for some stupid philosophy.
Veggie: No one is asking you to change your life style, your tastes, your eating habbits. All i am saying is that it is much better to be a veggie than being wholly dependant on non vegetarian food. Discover the wonderful world of healthy vegitarian food which is a treat not only for your body but also your mind. Let me just clarify that i am not criticizing non vegeggie life style. What i am trying to portray is that veggie lifestyle is equally good if not better thatn the non-veggie life style. I have seen a lot of hard core non veggie convert to veggie s and they don't regret their decision. It is my perception that your eating habits influence your nature a lot and i seem to find that the herbivores are more subtle and calm (dear, rabbits, elephants etc) than the carnivores (tiger, bears, sharks etc) and i do tend to associate that with our eating habbits. And what is good for the civilisation. A ferocious, angry human or a subtle calm and peaceful person?

(Issued in my interest solely. The views expressed are solely personal and do not intend to hurt the feelings of anyone in any sense. I respect all the human forms equally and do not mistake this piece of writing as an indication that i hesitate to sit with a non-veggie on the same table :-) Feel free to express any reservations/apprehensions over this piece. I would more than love to learn from you...:))

Monday, September 04, 2006

Fictional Heart break-Diary of XYZ

(The above piece is as fictious as it can get. Not associaed with my life in no way whatsoever.It represents a generic feeling which a boy would go through when he is hurt by the very girl he loves!Read at your own risk.because it would surely be boring and crap for those who cannot associate with it and specially for those who are used to the heartaches and breakups of MIlls and Boons and Sydney Sheldon!)

Dear Anonymous,

I am writing to you after a long time.Infact the piece of paper you hold in your hand comes to you after a long gap.Guess you wont even have kept a track that its been 6 months.And how would you know it?For you never cared.It never mattered to you when i called you or met you or enquired about you.It was just another compliment for you when i said that you looked beautiful today, you got a beautiful voice.Just one of the many compliments you get thanks to your extrovertness and the body that is crafted very delicately.But yeah,you never made me feel that i was unwanted though that was very much evident.For you i was the guinie pig .The sweet smiles,the slyness,the artificial concerns. You never let me even drift away because you needed someone as a backup.You needed someone so that you could tell the world "Look I am in demand with so many people crazy about me".All this time i never said anything infact i cherished whatever you did like a zombie fan of yours.
Did you ever try to know me?Try to find out why my voice sounded gruffy,why i was not cheerful on a particular day.You were always satisfied with the answer that i love to listen to people or i have a sour throat .And on and on you went telling me about the most trivial of the things about yourself not even asking once that, sid, are you fine?
I never told you that i want you to care for me. That i would love it the day you call me.But wasn't that expected sweetheart?Don't i have the right to minutest of the feelings in your heart? Infact why do you think a person cares about another person.Isn't it alweays a give and take relationship.Love is the reflection of the selfishness of a human being.When you love someone, you do that because you only want to be loved.But then you were always under the impression that my care and love for you is selfless. And of all the other people you have betrayed me till now. No, betrayed will not be the right word. Because you never betray anybody. Infact you never let anybody go. The moment you find someone going away you hold on to that person more tightly "oh,my list of fans is going to decrease by one, thats unacceptable to me."
Its been four years trying to come to terms with you, trying to tell you that i love you. But its of no use. You got the rockers and the handsome guys around you with whom you are content, very much content. And i do think you are happy. It doesn't matter to you whether those people are just afte rthe booty you very much have kept at their disposal.And did i never try to tell you that?You bet i did so many times. BUt the independent girl you are, you do what you like.
Sweety, its of no use to carry on for me like this.I have a life to look forward to.It took me a long time to realize this but nevertheless i did. So from mow onwards, it would do you good to not to expect anything from me. And let us just say good bye.I know this certainly wont affect you now but i do think that in the future you would definately feel that you have lost a gem. And i would not wait for the day when you call me to say that you have realized your mistake for i have spoiled precious moments of my life for you and just don't want to do anymore.

Good bye and have a great life ahead!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Induslogic-you complete me

Why do i love Induslogic!

1) It pays me more than i can spend in a month.
The pay scales are real great, inconsistent with the work that is demanded from you

2) The food is great
Pasta, sandwitches, burgers for Breakfast and a great variety to choose from during lunch and dinner.No wonder i sometimes overstay here to have my dinner rathe rthan having it at my hoime sweet home!

3)Work Work Work
There is none!i wonder how we get paid.Not that i am implying that i don't work infact i do work a lot when considered relatively but the whole point is that there is no deadline, no client pressure, no headaches of untimely meetings and above all no BOSS!!!

4) A great cubicle
What else do i want if i have a great LCD monitor in front of me, a white board ,a reclining chair and the bay where the vbending machine and refrigerator resides very near to my cubicle.Apart from that am in a new building and my so called team is in the first building so no pressures et al!

5) Flexi Timing
And i mean it.I can walk in anyday anytime and perhaps not walk in at all.I wonder why does one have to apply for leaves at all?There is no signing in or signing out.The company is open 24 Hours for you to walk in and walk out anytime.

6) Quality Work
2 months down the lane and am coding real time.Not to say that others are not but m very near to core Java and above all there are those lovely problems and lots and lots and lots and lots of learning which i love!

7) Lots of beautiful babes
No comments....

8)No banning the orkut
Unlike other companies like ittiam, infosys etc to name a few there is no restriction on blogging as well as orkutting.Though this point is trivial for me since i hardly scrap my way in orkut owing to my my first love which always keeps me occupied, still i got a point to make! :)

Finally, i feel if every morning you wake up and look forward to go to the office, thats what i would say that you are in love with your work.And if thats the defination, i guess

Am Loving it!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dudeism-The in thing or ????

Hey Dude to Hey Man to Hey Guys to Wazzup!!!!

Step into any college(from Delhi University to Anna University though the former is unchallengeable!) and you are sure to hear these words at a mind blowing frequency.Infact,i remeber talking to a 'Cool Dude' back in college days and all i could make out clearly was the words 'Man' and 'Dude'.The rest was incomprehendable, forgive my ears for the unfamiliarity with westernized accent(Though later i found out was that the person was from a Hindi Medium schooling and his interest in 'Angrezi' was new found as was his accent!)

Still i do pity myself for having not developed a penchant for Angrezi accent and the lingual ways when all the 'Cool Dudes' around me are doing the same with me left on the platter looking for some sand to bury my face in.After all,am also a human who would tends to be startled by the fact that he is all alone on the other side of the stream.And don't you say i haven't tried!(At the wrong places though that is in front of my parents or the VHP activists!wonder am still alive!).I just couldn't get comfortable with somebody asserting that 'HEY SID,YOU ARE A MAN YA!' or somebody calling me DUDE when i got a beautiful name given by my parents!Just couldn't grab it and make it omnipresent on my toungue which is more suited to the friendliness of a 'yaar',or Namastey Ji than 'Hey Man,wassup!'

I have the apprehensions that 'Dude' is the word which is used to keep a safe distance from the other person. Better suited for the guys in West who have a constant fear that the person might turn out to be a gay or a lesbian and thats why they prefer to keep a distance.So Dude is the safe way out.And 'Man' well its just another compliment for a guy to another guy.Thats the best compliment they could give to the increasing number of transvestites.Or maybe thats the way they make associations 'Man' implying "you got real stuff down there-am impressed.Pity i don have such stuff(read masculine!)"And you tell me to be comfortable with these hell of a words!

But then,i have my concerns whether it is suited to the Indian frame of reference where you just don need to compliment the other person by saying 'Man'.i know damn it that i am a man!
Or say 'Dude' to keep a safe distance.Nope not suited in a country where a hug is a normal occurence and where we believe in closing in and making relationships which last!where 'yaars' roam about all day hand on shoulder without the slightest of uncomfort.Where you don't mind giving a hug to a stranger(Remember, Munna Bhai MBBS!).

So as i fight myself in and out to overcome the uncomfortability with the words like 'Man' and 'Dude' i would appreciate it if you called me ' Siddi' ,'Sid' or yaar than those godammit words.After all, i don't need anyone to tell me that i am a 'Man' yaar.I already know it!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This independence day

Yesterday,We celebrated our 60th year of independence.Speeches by our honorable prime minister and president all highlighted the emergence of a neo-india in the world.An India which is on a steady growth path,India which is being considered as the new economic order in the world,A country which will will be amongst the developed countries of the world by the year 2020,a country which has made the US rewrite its strategy for itself,a country which is is going to be the governing force in South Asia,a county which is the export hub of intellect to the world.India is definately arriving.And i am amongst the subktle patriotics who don't feel too passionate about the country like the VHP and alike(or jingoistic) but nonetheless feel ehilarated or overjoyed when India is in the news for all the right reasons.

Yet development of the country is marred by certain events which i think are not what i would we need to look at some of the subtle yet important aspects which is coming in the way of nationalism or Indianism as i might call it.

VHP and Bajrang dal rulz:These are the forces which have long crippled the democratic structure in the country.Be it vandalism or bandhs or riots these and organizations like these have brought bad name to the country.The secular structure stands to loose with these at large.The basic policmy of these organizations seem to be like the fundamnetalist groups existing in Pakistan which are a roadblock.While they do instill a sense of nationalism and patriortism in the people,but the kind (of nationalism) is against the very principles of Democracy.They signify the culture of the country alright but how right these organizations are in vandalism,raids and riots on the eve of Valentine's Day?After all,what is their role in Gandhiji's Non-Violent India.The question remains to be answered.
I would suggest that yes,these organizations are important in keeping alive the traditions of the country but a check has to kept with a firm hand to avoid their springing out of control and law.

Influence of Dudeism and allied factors in the new urban younger generation
'Hi Dude,Wazzup!' 'lets chill out in the nearest bar' funky life style,Hip Hop clothes are all over the country's educational Institute.Infact for a fashion show walk into the nearest DU campus and you have the glimpse of the westernization in the colleges.While i am not against the flimsy clothes or the accented English,but it is a matter of concern when these very factors come in the path of education.Today,India is known for its intellect and is the intellectual hub of the world(recognized as!) and when these trivial factors come in between the educational development and intellect enhancement of a person,it is a matter of concern.So the fundamentalist and the left wing organozation ahve a role tp play here in a constructive way

Curruption curruption everywhere....
A point of major concern.Enough has been already said but would like to over emphasize it.No country can call ittself developed with being amongst the most currupt nations labelled with it.

These are some of the factors which i hold important.Obviously there are many many more.Will add on to them as and when i get the time.Till then auf Wiederzehn!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cola and Pepsi:Kya Dil abhi bhi maangey more?

"Soft Drinks"

This term given to the different flavours of the pepsi and cola is sattirical.Because these drinks are anything but "Soft".Anything which causes me to burp at unbelievable frequency and leaves my stomach argghhhhh! wont qualify for "Soft".infact the so called Hard drinks are the poor kids.Atleast they don't arm to that level as the "soft" drinks do.

Two weeks after a NGO came up with the findings that Pepsi and Cola had high level of toxicants yet again(yes,this is the second time that both the multinationals are being charged with selling contaminated products with the first being in 2003 when CSE had come up with similar findings of the major cold drinks containing pesticides and insecticides of the fame of DDT,HCH,BHC all of them falling under the category of carcinogens),the cola majors have got a shot in the arm with sales dropping by as high as 10%.And why not when the facts are so very startling.All the 12 major cold drinks sold by the companies had almost 24 times the acceptable levels of insecticides.While there is a lot of action happening out there with some states having banned the sale of the so called 'poison' and the cola companies rebutting back with the claims that the findings of CSE are irrelevant,expect this controversy to whirl out leading to a major loss to the cola comanies.

The reason
The reason behind the high levels of insedcticides and pesticides is stated to be the contaminated ground water in the country in and around the production units.Infact it is indeed the reason given that all the toxicants in the tests were the ones which are used popularly as insecticides in the country.The cola companies have a point when they say that evrything in the food chain from vegetables to milk are contaminated and they are being targetted just because they are the big fishes.

My take

"With Power comes greater responsibility"
While the majors may have a valid reason when they say that they are being targetted,nonetheless it does not gve them any reasons to sell the poisonous substances even after knowing that they contain high level of intoxicants.The cola comanies are huge and instead of fighting it out they should concentrate on improving their quality.

Mr Trade Pundit
Recently an American Trade pundit was quoted as saying that the ban on the colas would harm the investment scenario in India and warned that the step is injust.This is laughable as well as outrageous.Mr trade pundit, firstly trade and investments are a give and take affair.India is preffered destination for investments for you because we have the mettle.Not that you are a part of Bill Gates Melinda Foundation doing social service in India.
Secondly, if you think the investments is primary and the health of the citizens of INdia secondary,think again.Get the mathematics right.It would be far better to ban a product which would lead to a health care cost of more than 10 dollars for every dollar invested by the multinationals in India.

Reasons to hate the cola companies and their product(Coke and Pepsi and allied soft drinks)

1.They leave my stomach in an aarghhh! condition and you burp at a rate higher than you speak out.
2.They contain intoxicants(trivial but nonethless important!)
3.They represent the hollow westernization culture that is taking over India.Colaisation and pepsisation of India.
4.I spot them even where i don't find mineral water bottles.More of a thing to envy these two.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I love

Amongst the many things which stir me which include Travelling, Girls(umm!That was supposed to be a secret right?),Books(love to read) ,Working Hard(Thats my top most priority above girls also!unbelievable right?It was to me also when i made this startling dicovery about myself)and laying my hands upon anything new(including girls offcourse! :) )
Quotes is one thing which stir me inside out.The way a mountain exhilarates me,The way a beautiful girl excites me,the way a book enchants me a good qoute encourages me.These quotes,stay with me though for a short span of time,the momentary effect is beautiful.From Henry David Thoreau to Deepak chopra to MAhatma Gandhi i have many favourites.

Infact I feel that a good qoute is enough to make a person's day.Following are some of the quotes which i have liked and jotted down over a period of time.

Suck the marrow out of your life -Henry Thoreau This one stayed with me for quite sometime.Thoreau is one philosopher i really cherish for his feat of living alone in woods for two years(And thats when he wrote the celebrated classic 'Walden')

Men and Mountain
:what a wonderful combination - me

Be the change you want to see around you -Mahatma Gandhi

I would not like my stomach to be a graveyard for dead animals - Bernard Shaw

I love my dog more than my wife.Atleast it doesn't forget to lick me(read kiss) every morning -me

Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people-Karl Marx

Monday, August 07, 2006

my first pay check

This is the day which most of the mortals wait for.The day when they start earning,when they have the power of money in their own hands.When they feel that the penny they are spending belongs to them.Throughout our life as students(the lucky ones who get it!) we dream aabout this day.ANd we form a necklace with beads of wishes around us.
I wear the same necklace today.At last i have at my disposal my own bank balance.I recieved my forst pay check today.Rich by a handsome amount and no idea as to what i am going to do with it.
I used to think that there would be a dramatic change in me once i have the security of my bank balance gaurding me.But good or bad, i find myself the same person today.EVen today i have the same tastes ,same simplicity(relatively speaking).Even now i feel that whatever i have got s a bit too much i deserve(Hyper modesty!).Jokes apart, i havent suddenly become a sucker for expensive clothes,good food(read ruby's tuesday!)
Perhaps on a philosophical note,it doesnt even matter.You change from inside.Extrinsic factors are minimal when you really change.