Monday, September 04, 2006

Fictional Heart break-Diary of XYZ

(The above piece is as fictious as it can get. Not associaed with my life in no way whatsoever.It represents a generic feeling which a boy would go through when he is hurt by the very girl he loves!Read at your own risk.because it would surely be boring and crap for those who cannot associate with it and specially for those who are used to the heartaches and breakups of MIlls and Boons and Sydney Sheldon!)

Dear Anonymous,

I am writing to you after a long time.Infact the piece of paper you hold in your hand comes to you after a long gap.Guess you wont even have kept a track that its been 6 months.And how would you know it?For you never cared.It never mattered to you when i called you or met you or enquired about you.It was just another compliment for you when i said that you looked beautiful today, you got a beautiful voice.Just one of the many compliments you get thanks to your extrovertness and the body that is crafted very delicately.But yeah,you never made me feel that i was unwanted though that was very much evident.For you i was the guinie pig .The sweet smiles,the slyness,the artificial concerns. You never let me even drift away because you needed someone as a backup.You needed someone so that you could tell the world "Look I am in demand with so many people crazy about me".All this time i never said anything infact i cherished whatever you did like a zombie fan of yours.
Did you ever try to know me?Try to find out why my voice sounded gruffy,why i was not cheerful on a particular day.You were always satisfied with the answer that i love to listen to people or i have a sour throat .And on and on you went telling me about the most trivial of the things about yourself not even asking once that, sid, are you fine?
I never told you that i want you to care for me. That i would love it the day you call me.But wasn't that expected sweetheart?Don't i have the right to minutest of the feelings in your heart? Infact why do you think a person cares about another person.Isn't it alweays a give and take relationship.Love is the reflection of the selfishness of a human being.When you love someone, you do that because you only want to be loved.But then you were always under the impression that my care and love for you is selfless. And of all the other people you have betrayed me till now. No, betrayed will not be the right word. Because you never betray anybody. Infact you never let anybody go. The moment you find someone going away you hold on to that person more tightly "oh,my list of fans is going to decrease by one, thats unacceptable to me."
Its been four years trying to come to terms with you, trying to tell you that i love you. But its of no use. You got the rockers and the handsome guys around you with whom you are content, very much content. And i do think you are happy. It doesn't matter to you whether those people are just afte rthe booty you very much have kept at their disposal.And did i never try to tell you that?You bet i did so many times. BUt the independent girl you are, you do what you like.
Sweety, its of no use to carry on for me like this.I have a life to look forward to.It took me a long time to realize this but nevertheless i did. So from mow onwards, it would do you good to not to expect anything from me. And let us just say good bye.I know this certainly wont affect you now but i do think that in the future you would definately feel that you have lost a gem. And i would not wait for the day when you call me to say that you have realized your mistake for i have spoiled precious moments of my life for you and just don't want to do anymore.

Good bye and have a great life ahead!