Monday, August 07, 2006

my first pay check

This is the day which most of the mortals wait for.The day when they start earning,when they have the power of money in their own hands.When they feel that the penny they are spending belongs to them.Throughout our life as students(the lucky ones who get it!) we dream aabout this day.ANd we form a necklace with beads of wishes around us.
I wear the same necklace today.At last i have at my disposal my own bank balance.I recieved my forst pay check today.Rich by a handsome amount and no idea as to what i am going to do with it.
I used to think that there would be a dramatic change in me once i have the security of my bank balance gaurding me.But good or bad, i find myself the same person today.EVen today i have the same tastes ,same simplicity(relatively speaking).Even now i feel that whatever i have got s a bit too much i deserve(Hyper modesty!).Jokes apart, i havent suddenly become a sucker for expensive clothes,good food(read ruby's tuesday!)
Perhaps on a philosophical note,it doesnt even matter.You change from inside.Extrinsic factors are minimal when you really change.

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