Sunday, June 01, 2008

Stepping into the new shoes...

Post May 15th, I have stepped into the an altogether new role of an associate consultant for the award winning solutions of Globallogic, Velocity. The role is an exciting one and as an associate consultant i am to assist the projects in process, methods and behaviors improvement and help them in aligning themselves to Velocity. 2 years into the past, if anybody would have asked me if i wanted to be in Software, i would have blatantly denied. But today, i am not only working in the same field but also enjoying it. Not that i still want to be a 'software developer' for life. Its just that the very idea of being able to bring about improvements in the project life cycle and thus improving the productivity is what i look forward to. As a developer for the past 2 yrs, i have had a good experience (eh?) about the problems that plague the life cycle of the project. Lack of clarity of requirements, delayed deadlines, frequent stressed out days, frustration of the developer, lack of clarity and what not. Even when i was working as a developer, i was thinking, There's got to be a better way of doing things! And that's when i tripped over Agile spelled with a capital A!
Agile as a methodology is so common sensical that i can still say that am not delving into the world of IT (see i am not being a hypocrite ;)). I could really relate to whatever problems ihad encountered and how going Agile could solve it. And it is not at all rocket science. Its just a simple change in behavior and adopting some light weight processes.
So the question is what would i do as a Velocity Consultant?Heck, there are n number of leads, managers and what not out there who can very well do the same. Why am i needed if this is so common sensical as i describe it.
Well, i know common sense is the least common (;)) but jokes apart, the so called incharge of the projects are so fraught and tied up with deliveries that they cannot bring about this so called revolution. After all, Agile in a sense is revolutionary because the biggest change it asks for is the change in the behaviors- change in the way we manage the teams, change in the way the developers code, change in the roles etc. Therefore, more often than not, these people do require an external force to change the way they function. And that is my bread and butter! :)
Still coming to terms with the Velocity solutions, i really feel that is promising and as i put it, my heart is where excitement is!
Lets see how it goes! Expect to be a regular one out here sharing my experiences. After all, its part of my MBO (the one without the payout :( offcourse.)
Auf widersehen!