Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cola and Pepsi:Kya Dil abhi bhi maangey more?

"Soft Drinks"

This term given to the different flavours of the pepsi and cola is sattirical.Because these drinks are anything but "Soft".Anything which causes me to burp at unbelievable frequency and leaves my stomach argghhhhh! wont qualify for "Soft".infact the so called Hard drinks are the poor kids.Atleast they don't arm to that level as the "soft" drinks do.

Two weeks after a NGO came up with the findings that Pepsi and Cola had high level of toxicants yet again(yes,this is the second time that both the multinationals are being charged with selling contaminated products with the first being in 2003 when CSE had come up with similar findings of the major cold drinks containing pesticides and insecticides of the fame of DDT,HCH,BHC all of them falling under the category of carcinogens),the cola majors have got a shot in the arm with sales dropping by as high as 10%.And why not when the facts are so very startling.All the 12 major cold drinks sold by the companies had almost 24 times the acceptable levels of insecticides.While there is a lot of action happening out there with some states having banned the sale of the so called 'poison' and the cola companies rebutting back with the claims that the findings of CSE are irrelevant,expect this controversy to whirl out leading to a major loss to the cola comanies.

The reason
The reason behind the high levels of insedcticides and pesticides is stated to be the contaminated ground water in the country in and around the production units.Infact it is indeed the reason given that all the toxicants in the tests were the ones which are used popularly as insecticides in the country.The cola companies have a point when they say that evrything in the food chain from vegetables to milk are contaminated and they are being targetted just because they are the big fishes.

My take

"With Power comes greater responsibility"
While the majors may have a valid reason when they say that they are being targetted,nonetheless it does not gve them any reasons to sell the poisonous substances even after knowing that they contain high level of intoxicants.The cola comanies are huge and instead of fighting it out they should concentrate on improving their quality.

Mr Trade Pundit
Recently an American Trade pundit was quoted as saying that the ban on the colas would harm the investment scenario in India and warned that the step is injust.This is laughable as well as outrageous.Mr trade pundit, firstly trade and investments are a give and take affair.India is preffered destination for investments for you because we have the mettle.Not that you are a part of Bill Gates Melinda Foundation doing social service in India.
Secondly, if you think the investments is primary and the health of the citizens of INdia secondary,think again.Get the mathematics right.It would be far better to ban a product which would lead to a health care cost of more than 10 dollars for every dollar invested by the multinationals in India.

Reasons to hate the cola companies and their product(Coke and Pepsi and allied soft drinks)

1.They leave my stomach in an aarghhh! condition and you burp at a rate higher than you speak out.
2.They contain intoxicants(trivial but nonethless important!)
3.They represent the hollow westernization culture that is taking over India.Colaisation and pepsisation of India.
4.I spot them even where i don't find mineral water bottles.More of a thing to envy these two.

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