Monday, December 18, 2006

The Way to be-Vegetarianism

I spotted these a few days back when and found them worth it to push the cause of Veggie.

"I do not want my stomach to be a graveyard of dead animals" Geaoge Bernard Shaw

"Some people counter attack the vegetarian diet saying that milk is non-vegetarian. Well, it does not matter whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the point is that it is meant to be taken out(the milk) from the cows body. Ever notice how a cow is relieved after it is milked. While can we say the same for the beef, meat, chicken etc. Infact all the non veggies should atleast once visit the slaughter house and see the whole thing"

"As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love."-Pythagoras

I could never understand why do we have to rely on cumpulsive non- vegetarianism. I have known people who go berserk whe they miss out on their regular weekly diet of meat, chicken, fish etc. What is so great about the whole thing. Let us just have a tete-a-tete with a non veggie with his usual counter attacks on veggies.

Non-Veggie: Hmmm, so you think that veggies is the way to be?forget it man!We have been non-veggies since the genesis of mankind. Do you think that our fore fathers were veggies. You gotta be kidding!

Veggie: You are absolutely right when you said that the first man to walk on this earth was from your league. But then remember that he was a savage too and it was a million yeras ago. We have evolved into better beings since then. As Einstein says " We are evolving from non-vegetarianism to vegetarianism as we evolve into more conscentious, ethical beings." And that is very much visible If you ever leave a piece of meat in front of a baby and a banana on the floor, the baby would always pick up the bannana.Wonder how that is?Well that is because the human body is inherently veggie.We are meant to be Veggies and are evolving into veggies.Lets not devolute now.

Non-Veggie: OK, all this crap about evolution and stuff gives me the creeps. I just know that i love to live on a non-veggie diet. After all, we live to eat isn't it? And besides that, your veggie diet would never provide me with all the proteins which chicken, fish can provide me. So Non- veg is the way to be!
Veggie: Agreed, Non- veg is more nutritious in certain respects. But it is also more nutritious in terms of pesticides, toxins etc. I guess you should know that as we move up the food chain, the concentration of toxins increases. So what you are taking in is more of toxins also which would do you more harm than good. And yes, we do live to eat, we should enjoy every moment of life but at the cost of a baby chicken, or a cow. I don't think so.

Non-Veggie: Hmmm, you mean to say that the Non-Veggies are taking away precious life from the very planet Earth and you want us to be more considerate towards the animals. Did you know that even plants have life in them? How do you support yourself now.Arent you also taking away life from them. So in a sense you also are non-veggies.

Veggie: yeah we are and i dont mind being one as long as i am not killing recklessly. Atleast we have the advantage of having fresh food. What you eat is stale corpses right out of slaughter houses. While what we eat is atleast fresh food which is meant to be eaten according to the nature's cycle. Yes, i wont deny the consumption of fishes, or sea food for people in coastal areas. But what about those who eat chicken, meat, pork etc just for the sake of it. I don't find much of an explanation for it.

Non-Veggie: Now don't you get me started. We human beings are superior and have the power. Why not use it? Why cant i have choice at my disposal? God made us better than the other animals not for nothing. We are meant to be superior to them and it is the nature's law of Survival of the fittest.

Veggie: If that be the case buddy, then i as well might eat the human featus or God forbidden, the human baby itself. After all, i am superior to the new born. Then we have logic in Cannibalism too. Man with unlimited choice at his disposal is equivalent to an animal in every sense if he is allowed to pursue what he wants to. And that is why the cimvilisation lays down some rules and regulations so that the machinery of the world runs in the right manner. Let a bolt loose and you would find the machinery destroyed. The bottom line i sthat the arguements of 'having options will do' will not hold valid in a civilised society.

Non-Veggie: What about my taste buds? Am i not also allowed to live the way i want to? After all, good food is the food for the soul. I cannot devooid my taste buds just for some stupid philosophy.
Veggie: No one is asking you to change your life style, your tastes, your eating habbits. All i am saying is that it is much better to be a veggie than being wholly dependant on non vegetarian food. Discover the wonderful world of healthy vegitarian food which is a treat not only for your body but also your mind. Let me just clarify that i am not criticizing non vegeggie life style. What i am trying to portray is that veggie lifestyle is equally good if not better thatn the non-veggie life style. I have seen a lot of hard core non veggie convert to veggie s and they don't regret their decision. It is my perception that your eating habits influence your nature a lot and i seem to find that the herbivores are more subtle and calm (dear, rabbits, elephants etc) than the carnivores (tiger, bears, sharks etc) and i do tend to associate that with our eating habbits. And what is good for the civilisation. A ferocious, angry human or a subtle calm and peaceful person?

(Issued in my interest solely. The views expressed are solely personal and do not intend to hurt the feelings of anyone in any sense. I respect all the human forms equally and do not mistake this piece of writing as an indication that i hesitate to sit with a non-veggie on the same table :-) Feel free to express any reservations/apprehensions over this piece. I would more than love to learn from you...:))

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