Monday, August 28, 2006

Induslogic-you complete me

Why do i love Induslogic!

1) It pays me more than i can spend in a month.
The pay scales are real great, inconsistent with the work that is demanded from you

2) The food is great
Pasta, sandwitches, burgers for Breakfast and a great variety to choose from during lunch and dinner.No wonder i sometimes overstay here to have my dinner rathe rthan having it at my hoime sweet home!

3)Work Work Work
There is none!i wonder how we get paid.Not that i am implying that i don't work infact i do work a lot when considered relatively but the whole point is that there is no deadline, no client pressure, no headaches of untimely meetings and above all no BOSS!!!

4) A great cubicle
What else do i want if i have a great LCD monitor in front of me, a white board ,a reclining chair and the bay where the vbending machine and refrigerator resides very near to my cubicle.Apart from that am in a new building and my so called team is in the first building so no pressures et al!

5) Flexi Timing
And i mean it.I can walk in anyday anytime and perhaps not walk in at all.I wonder why does one have to apply for leaves at all?There is no signing in or signing out.The company is open 24 Hours for you to walk in and walk out anytime.

6) Quality Work
2 months down the lane and am coding real time.Not to say that others are not but m very near to core Java and above all there are those lovely problems and lots and lots and lots and lots of learning which i love!

7) Lots of beautiful babes
No comments....

8)No banning the orkut
Unlike other companies like ittiam, infosys etc to name a few there is no restriction on blogging as well as orkutting.Though this point is trivial for me since i hardly scrap my way in orkut owing to my my first love which always keeps me occupied, still i got a point to make! :)

Finally, i feel if every morning you wake up and look forward to go to the office, thats what i would say that you are in love with your work.And if thats the defination, i guess

Am Loving it!

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bachodi said...

Did your boss or HR read this post ?