Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dudeism-The in thing or ????

Hey Dude to Hey Man to Hey Guys to Wazzup!!!!

Step into any college(from Delhi University to Anna University though the former is unchallengeable!) and you are sure to hear these words at a mind blowing frequency.Infact,i remeber talking to a 'Cool Dude' back in college days and all i could make out clearly was the words 'Man' and 'Dude'.The rest was incomprehendable, forgive my ears for the unfamiliarity with westernized accent(Though later i found out was that the person was from a Hindi Medium schooling and his interest in 'Angrezi' was new found as was his accent!)

Still i do pity myself for having not developed a penchant for Angrezi accent and the lingual ways when all the 'Cool Dudes' around me are doing the same with me left on the platter looking for some sand to bury my face in.After all,am also a human who would tends to be startled by the fact that he is all alone on the other side of the stream.And don't you say i haven't tried!(At the wrong places though that is in front of my parents or the VHP activists!wonder am still alive!).I just couldn't get comfortable with somebody asserting that 'HEY SID,YOU ARE A MAN YA!' or somebody calling me DUDE when i got a beautiful name given by my parents!Just couldn't grab it and make it omnipresent on my toungue which is more suited to the friendliness of a 'yaar',or Namastey Ji than 'Hey Man,wassup!'

I have the apprehensions that 'Dude' is the word which is used to keep a safe distance from the other person. Better suited for the guys in West who have a constant fear that the person might turn out to be a gay or a lesbian and thats why they prefer to keep a distance.So Dude is the safe way out.And 'Man' well its just another compliment for a guy to another guy.Thats the best compliment they could give to the increasing number of transvestites.Or maybe thats the way they make associations 'Man' implying "you got real stuff down there-am impressed.Pity i don have such stuff(read masculine!)"And you tell me to be comfortable with these hell of a words!

But then,i have my concerns whether it is suited to the Indian frame of reference where you just don need to compliment the other person by saying 'Man'.i know damn it that i am a man!
Or say 'Dude' to keep a safe distance.Nope not suited in a country where a hug is a normal occurence and where we believe in closing in and making relationships which last!where 'yaars' roam about all day hand on shoulder without the slightest of uncomfort.Where you don't mind giving a hug to a stranger(Remember, Munna Bhai MBBS!).

So as i fight myself in and out to overcome the uncomfortability with the words like 'Man' and 'Dude' i would appreciate it if you called me ' Siddi' ,'Sid' or yaar than those godammit words.After all, i don't need anyone to tell me that i am a 'Man' yaar.I already know it!


Anonymous said...

v've always called u sid, siddhu, buddhu or siddharth. don get so upset dear.... n yes u have a v sweet name(don fly, credit goes to ur parents).
good start da.. keep going

Anonymous said...

Hey,great article dude.Really proud of you.Man,i thought i was readin an article written by some professional.Really man,it was superb.
Even i agree with the thoughts sid has expressed here.But dude,don't you think that those ppl bitten by the 'dudesim' bug will agree?Man,its the way they feel they can be cool in front of their peers.Isn't it dude?:))

Anonymous said...
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