Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This independence day

Yesterday,We celebrated our 60th year of independence.Speeches by our honorable prime minister and president all highlighted the emergence of a neo-india in the world.An India which is on a steady growth path,India which is being considered as the new economic order in the world,A country which will will be amongst the developed countries of the world by the year 2020,a country which has made the US rewrite its strategy for itself,a country which is is going to be the governing force in South Asia,a county which is the export hub of intellect to the world.India is definately arriving.And i am amongst the subktle patriotics who don't feel too passionate about the country like the VHP and alike(or jingoistic) but nonetheless feel ehilarated or overjoyed when India is in the news for all the right reasons.

Yet development of the country is marred by certain events which i think are not what i would we need to look at some of the subtle yet important aspects which is coming in the way of nationalism or Indianism as i might call it.

VHP and Bajrang dal rulz:These are the forces which have long crippled the democratic structure in the country.Be it vandalism or bandhs or riots these and organizations like these have brought bad name to the country.The secular structure stands to loose with these at large.The basic policmy of these organizations seem to be like the fundamnetalist groups existing in Pakistan which are a roadblock.While they do instill a sense of nationalism and patriortism in the people,but the kind (of nationalism) is against the very principles of Democracy.They signify the culture of the country alright but how right these organizations are in vandalism,raids and riots on the eve of Valentine's Day?After all,what is their role in Gandhiji's Non-Violent India.The question remains to be answered.
I would suggest that yes,these organizations are important in keeping alive the traditions of the country but a check has to kept with a firm hand to avoid their springing out of control and law.

Influence of Dudeism and allied factors in the new urban younger generation
'Hi Dude,Wazzup!' 'lets chill out in the nearest bar' funky life style,Hip Hop clothes are all over the country's educational Institute.Infact for a fashion show walk into the nearest DU campus and you have the glimpse of the westernization in the colleges.While i am not against the flimsy clothes or the accented English,but it is a matter of concern when these very factors come in the path of education.Today,India is known for its intellect and is the intellectual hub of the world(recognized as!) and when these trivial factors come in between the educational development and intellect enhancement of a person,it is a matter of concern.So the fundamentalist and the left wing organozation ahve a role tp play here in a constructive way

Curruption curruption everywhere....
A point of major concern.Enough has been already said but would like to over emphasize it.No country can call ittself developed with being amongst the most currupt nations labelled with it.

These are some of the factors which i hold important.Obviously there are many many more.Will add on to them as and when i get the time.Till then auf Wiederzehn!

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