Thursday, July 05, 2007

And she took me all over....Well forever

This one is for you Gia.... aka Garima.....

As i am going to b formally engaged to you this coming 15th, i would like to thank you for the wonderful love which you have always bestowed on me. I would like to thank you for making my dream come true as it is but rare to get a chance of getting to live your life with someone you have always dreamed about...Someone you always wished to be yours but couldn't take a step forward just because you thought it is impossible.... Someone who has been your crush for such a long time..

I would like to thank you for saying a yes to me. The words 'I would love to marry you siddharth!' still ring in my ears. Those were the sweetest words till date.

I want to thank you for falling in love with me. Me siddharth, the way i am, was and will remain. You loved me the way i am and never wanted to change me (ummm thats an exaggeration rite?:))

I would like to thank you for bringing out the original siddharth in me! but for you i would have remained that formal formal sid throughout!

I would like to thank you for being there whenever i wanted! Truly, you have become the person whom i want to hear before i sleep and after i wake up!

I would like to thank you for instilling in me an excitement for my life to be with you! I look forward to it!

I would like to thank you for not letting me do babe watching! ;) am serious yaar!

I would like to thank you for teaching me how to say shut up and sorry! (;))

I would like to thank you for your mail just now! Means a lot to me, even if its just a mail, it means a lot to me...

Looking forward to falling in love with you many a times over with you only to realize that each time i love you more and more. It would surely be another life with you and i look forward to it.

And yes, be on the look out for such scribblings. Only for you.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Journey for a wonderful life ahead!

This piece is dedicated to a wonderful friend, who is bidding us all a good bye and leaving for U.S tomorrow to pursue her dreams ! May god bless you girl and you take wonderful memories of all of us which would stand by you forever!

Shradha, as you leave tomorrow for Drexel to pursue your dreams i feel that we all are going to miss you. Just a year ago, we all have gone through the same emotions. We have cried, laughed, cracked the silliest of the jokes together, danced, sung together for over 3 years. Its been a wonderful journey, right from knowing you in the second year to saying a final good bye after college. You leave behind the sweet memories of the moments which we all spent together as friends. Those are the moments which are etched beautifully in our lives. You know, these trivial moments, the silliest of the silly things are somethings which you never forget. Where ever you are, whatever you do, the thought of these do make you wonder that you have had the best of the lives.

I remember the CSI meetings. After all, it was all because of those that i fell for you yaar! :)!Ha ha ha! that was soooo stupid and it got more stupid with the near proposal in library. Remember, the 'I like you but i don't love you' which you couldn't take. And the way you walked yout! Gosh! That was amongst the most daring things i ever did. Gia is going to kill me if she ever hears about it . And you also remember the near rejection, don't you? ;) That was soooo funny. I know, i know you missed something great that very day! Don't worry, another proposal is going to come your way, am sure. But then, you know you missed me yaar! ;) And now am taken! sheh! ussi time haan keh diya hota toh aaj yeh naubat nahi aati!
I remember the days when you became a part of the group and then it was more and more of you. Kaafi jhela aapko ;) but its ok! i can manage. Remember, all the times we used to go to the coffee day and share the same couch and i just had space to breathe (kidding yaar...but then you are our cute baby elephant), the times when we used to sit and sip Baba for hours at DC. So much of dancing, shouting in SAC. watching the movies together at SAC. Those were the days. your non stop chatter still haunts me yaar! ;) But, i think i miss it now.

Remember, the last time we had coffee at coffee day. How everybody cried, and then you also cried. That was soooo cute! :) no wonder you got wonderful eyes! And then the last good bye at saibeen! By the way, those chocolates were gooood! Asim and me, had a wonderful time throughout the journey with those!

I know this admission came a little late to you. But didn't i kept on telling you that you are going to get something really good and you never believed me. :) See, now you have the best of the world now. A reputed university and friends who miss you so much! :) And yes, not to mention sid! You deserved every bit of what you got. I have seen the kind of hard work you have put in and such hard work could never go waste. Way to go girl! And with the kind of hard work and conviction you have got, i am very sure that you are going to be successful in whatever you do. So do hold on to yourself. Sooner or later, you would get what you deserve.

Am sure that a wonderful life awaits you there.Ummmm, i think you will get settled there very soon. You will meet the love of your life there. Someone, who would propose you in a complete way and tell you that he loves you in and out. And you will surely fall for him. And then you will get married, then have kids and then the same old story continues...... :)
But with all this, remember the times we all spent together. All of us. We all have been just soooo lucky to have been such good friends. To have been able to take away such good memories with us. Tell you, shradha, its just soooo rare to find such good friends. I wonder what i did in my last mortal life. With so many memories to treasure, am sure to write a book one day. Don't worry! the near proposal and rejection in the library is going to be a part of it. :)

Wish you all the luck and loads and loads of love! May you be happy in whatever you do.

Love you always,

All of us!

Monday, May 14, 2007

something--just about something

Its so strange how lifecould take turns just in a matter of months! Just a few month ago, she was actally a dream for me. Someone, whom i wanted to be with but couln't dare to go beyond dreaming. To talk to her, but didn't have the guts to give her a call. Willing to be friends with her but just not the courage to go and speak to her.
And today, we just cant do without each other. If i look back it actually seems like a miracle. The women who used to hate me (got to know this only after we got together! :)) is actually mine. Now shouldn't i call it a miracle?
And miracle it is indeed! consider the fact that i always wanted to talk to her but i never got the courage to speak to her, that she used to hate my kind. And one fineday, out of the blue i get a call from her. Family friends we were, so we had business to talk about. :) So slowly and slowly the trust developed, and finally on 25th january at 4:30 at night, she gave a go ahead to me. Within a month, we people had decided that we are going to be together.
When i look back i just fail to find the reasons for it. How could tht be possible given am nothing more than a cute lil kid kind? There had to be something. something whic i don't understand. Something which just happened.
Even now, we are not completely in love, but we are falling in love. And trust me thats the most beautiful thing that can happen. To know that both of you are their and under the shelter of the ssecurity, love blooms. Its just about wonderful. How each day, we try to make each other smile, how we laugh, cry for each other, fight for each other. I could never have imagined this happening to me because i never thought i was that kind. one to fall in love, but it did happen and i have no answers to it.
There's so much which am not making public but its going to come. Every tit bit of it. because i elieve i need to speak out what happened with me, something extra ordinary, something to make you believe in something which you wont believe. :) Something...just something.
She is the woman am going to married to come what may and more importantly i love, am loving and am going to love. Everyday i live is like discovering a new feeling of happiness and life. And thats whn we are not together. Just pray to god that things be the same always. Amen!
That my GIA, my life, my wife and my everything.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


What i want to do before i die (not according to preference)

  1. To marry HER. (Now offcourse this HER is not generic. It applies to one specific woman)
  2. To drive her down to an amusement park, and propose her to be mine today, tommorrow and forever. You know who i am talking about now dont you! ;)
  3. To learn a foreign language preferrably German or French.
  4. To travel alone to an unknown place where its only me me and me with my back pack and to feel the nature in my viens.
  5. To be in one of the best Management Institutes.
  6. To learn a musical instrument preferrably mouth organ or Flute or Synthesizer.
  7. To join dance classes.
  8. To be proficient in spoken Hindi and Urdu.
  9. To visit my college with the above mentioned HER to my college and to sit on the skal beach.
  10. To keep my family happy in any and everyway possible.
  11. To make a business venture, and if possible multiple ventures.
  12. To study in a foreign university.
  13. To be an active pursuer of Yoga and Spiritual wealth
  14. To read Indian Mythology especially Bhagvad Gita, Ramayana and Mahabharata.
  15. To be a politician or to take up social assignments.(oops!But was inspired by Sachin Pilot)
  16. To be a leader of all sorts. (Too generic! )
  17. To learn to cook.
  18. To write a novel about my experiments with life.
  19. To be in a consultancy firm for sometime. (Just for the heck of Experience)
  20. To go on a looooooooong drive. Prferrably from Delhi to ummmmm i guess my college.(Thats 2000 km of drive. :) Am mad!)
  21. To be the chief guest in my college. (Am obsessed with my college! aint it? :))
  22. To be the BEST friend one could have. That means a person anybody can trust and rely and the person who comes to the mind whenever in a difficulty. It should be like "Sid hai na!"
  23. This is the hardest of the lot. :)
  24. To go scuba diving.
  25. To spend 7 days up on a mountain only by myself, pampered by myself, accompanied by myself.
  26. To be an investor.
  27. To be a financial investor.

Will keep on getting back to you often :) Compiled in a time frame of less than 2 mins. Also there to come is the status of each of these though most of these remain unfulfilled. Gosh! 22 years and still not Been There Done That! Need to do something. Life's running away. :(