Tuesday, January 02, 2007

101 Ambitions.com

What i want to do before i die (not according to preference)

  1. To marry HER. (Now offcourse this HER is not generic. It applies to one specific woman)
  2. To drive her down to an amusement park, and propose her to be mine today, tommorrow and forever. You know who i am talking about now dont you! ;)
  3. To learn a foreign language preferrably German or French.
  4. To travel alone to an unknown place where its only me me and me with my back pack and to feel the nature in my viens.
  5. To be in one of the best Management Institutes.
  6. To learn a musical instrument preferrably mouth organ or Flute or Synthesizer.
  7. To join dance classes.
  8. To be proficient in spoken Hindi and Urdu.
  9. To visit my college with the above mentioned HER to my college and to sit on the skal beach.
  10. To keep my family happy in any and everyway possible.
  11. To make a business venture, and if possible multiple ventures.
  12. To study in a foreign university.
  13. To be an active pursuer of Yoga and Spiritual wealth
  14. To read Indian Mythology especially Bhagvad Gita, Ramayana and Mahabharata.
  15. To be a politician or to take up social assignments.(oops!But was inspired by Sachin Pilot)
  16. To be a leader of all sorts. (Too generic! )
  17. To learn to cook.
  18. To write a novel about my experiments with life.
  19. To be in a consultancy firm for sometime. (Just for the heck of Experience)
  20. To go on a looooooooong drive. Prferrably from Delhi to ummmmm i guess my college.(Thats 2000 km of drive. :) Am mad!)
  21. To be the chief guest in my college. (Am obsessed with my college! aint it? :))
  22. To be the BEST friend one could have. That means a person anybody can trust and rely and the person who comes to the mind whenever in a difficulty. It should be like "Sid hai na!"
  23. This is the hardest of the lot. :)
  24. To go scuba diving.
  25. To spend 7 days up on a mountain only by myself, pampered by myself, accompanied by myself.
  26. To be an investor.
  27. To be a financial investor.

Will keep on getting back to you often :) Compiled in a time frame of less than 2 mins. Also there to come is the status of each of these though most of these remain unfulfilled. Gosh! 22 years and still not Been There Done That! Need to do something. Life's running away. :(


multisubj yb said...

I greatly appreciate your vision to learn flute. Go ahead either Hindustani or Carnatic. If you have physical stamina go for Hindustani. If you are weak bodily, particularly breathing, Carnatic will be better. You will get the benefit of praan`aayama because you regulate the flow of wind. Those who learn flute will often lose their girl friends, because flute becomes a girl friend of first priority.

Kaycee said...

*Ahem* *Ahem* Thats a pretty interesting list of amibitions for ya! Well, ur obsession for college is pretty much seen bro, but then u forgot to add that u ll show ur HER our trical dept, n if poss meet with Rao Sir! Hahaha.. jokes apart!
Finish up the remaining list!
Am waiting!

Siddharth said...

Yeah pretty much right yaar. I will surely go to college and show her how i spent the best part of my life. Meeting up with Rao sir...ahem ahem. That can wait.
Talking about HER, do you know who she is? ;)

bachodi said...

Dude , you are expecting lot from this life. If you do all those things will you be having time for "her" ?

Anonymous said...

Interesting list dude....How can you say that the time you spent in trical department was "best time of your life"

Tarun said...
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Tarun said...

Just want to know one thing. Why are you so obsessed with college specially with trical department?

Siddharth said...

To tarun
Ha Ha Ha...Yup college life was indeed the best time i had till now. Still love to walk on the GB road, on the beach. I guess i love colleges. :P

To bachodi: Thats what i am worried about. Am not going to have enough time in this life :( But thats why this is called a wish list. lol