Monday, May 14, 2007

something--just about something

Its so strange how lifecould take turns just in a matter of months! Just a few month ago, she was actally a dream for me. Someone, whom i wanted to be with but couln't dare to go beyond dreaming. To talk to her, but didn't have the guts to give her a call. Willing to be friends with her but just not the courage to go and speak to her.
And today, we just cant do without each other. If i look back it actually seems like a miracle. The women who used to hate me (got to know this only after we got together! :)) is actually mine. Now shouldn't i call it a miracle?
And miracle it is indeed! consider the fact that i always wanted to talk to her but i never got the courage to speak to her, that she used to hate my kind. And one fineday, out of the blue i get a call from her. Family friends we were, so we had business to talk about. :) So slowly and slowly the trust developed, and finally on 25th january at 4:30 at night, she gave a go ahead to me. Within a month, we people had decided that we are going to be together.
When i look back i just fail to find the reasons for it. How could tht be possible given am nothing more than a cute lil kid kind? There had to be something. something whic i don't understand. Something which just happened.
Even now, we are not completely in love, but we are falling in love. And trust me thats the most beautiful thing that can happen. To know that both of you are their and under the shelter of the ssecurity, love blooms. Its just about wonderful. How each day, we try to make each other smile, how we laugh, cry for each other, fight for each other. I could never have imagined this happening to me because i never thought i was that kind. one to fall in love, but it did happen and i have no answers to it.
There's so much which am not making public but its going to come. Every tit bit of it. because i elieve i need to speak out what happened with me, something extra ordinary, something to make you believe in something which you wont believe. :) Something...just something.
She is the woman am going to married to come what may and more importantly i love, am loving and am going to love. Everyday i live is like discovering a new feeling of happiness and life. And thats whn we are not together. Just pray to god that things be the same always. Amen!
That my GIA, my life, my wife and my everything.


bachodi said...

Congrats Bro...

Lekin ab naam batayegaa ?

Siddharth said...

Hi Sir,
ummmm abhi nahi...Will let it be knwn soon once i am engaged to her officially.....:)