Saturday, August 02, 2008

CSR-Adopt a village

Indusprayas is currently involved in sponsoring the education of kids in various schools. We are also embarking on the efforts towards school adoption, wherein we would be getting involved not only in sponsoring the education but also the transformation of the school into a better entity. This may include things like provision of a library for the school, improving the infrastructure where ever possible and so on. Such an activity, i believe would have a very good impact and it does excite me to think about it.

On the same lines, i was thinking how feasible it is to 'Adopt a Village'. Intimidating as it may sound, this i believe would be revolutionary in all aspects.
First, it would be a step towards the creation of a Triple Bottom Line organization. The impact it would have on the society would be enormous and an organization can focus on education, environment, health and other such aspects all at the same time. This i believe, is important since one would be tackling and resolving problems at the root. More often than not, problems are not because of lack of education. A child not attending school cannot be just lack of interest but could be because of numerous reasons like health, finances etc. Steps like adoption of a family, village would cater to such issues and would be sustainable.
Such a step would go a long way in transforming the village and generations to come.
If this cannot be taken up by a single organization, it could be two or three organizations who could get together and take such a step. I believe working for a common cause is the best way to build up relations.
And what is it in for organizations apart from marketing and being a socially responsible organization? Damn, if only i was the Mayor/DM/CM, such organizations would be given good amount of tax breaks!

This thought process is just in the direction of going beyond assistance in education and so on. Unfeasible and unrealistic it may be, even if we took steps towards taking the sponsorship a step more than just education, the purpose would be served. While penning this down, i was thinking about adoption of families as a step in this direction!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if Indusprayas will be interested in tying up with AID India for community development.

AID India Delhi chapter

Akhil said...

Nice idea
One thing that you said that really is the root cause of all problems is the lack of education in rural India.
The idea certainly looks encouraging and one should really think in this direction.
Here at RBS at the place i work , we have taken up task of electrifying one complete village in the foothills of Himalayas.
We could think on these lines as well.