Friday, January 25, 2008

Straight from the heart....

Ok...This one is as a result of a direct ruling by the Home Ministry that thou shalt write something today. And obviously, when the Home ministry passes such an order, that would mean that the topic can not diverge from her. To hell with politics, technology, crap about vegetarianism, ICL, stock markets and all. Everything is there till i get a chance to live!
Thinking about it, govt. seems to be right in its demand. After all, its our first anniversary and we are not together. Obviously, she deserves some royal treatment. On 25th Jan, 2007, I had proposed Gia at 4:00 am in the morning (although she would say it was 5:00 am! Never mind! Do not listen to her. What would she know about it! It was me whose life was at stake and who was at the receiving end!), sneaking into her room and asking her to marry me. Today, on 25 Jan, 2008 we complete exactly one year of being together.

By far, this has been the most interesting experience we have had. Through these four years, we have fought, cried, laughed and done some crazy things (Not for the faint hearted! ;) ). We have realized that we have differences, we both like different things, hate different things, but there has been one common thing. We both cannot do without each other. And that common thing is what our love is all about. There hasn’t been a day when I could stay mad at her for the whole day. I need to talk to her every day and she wants to talk to me many more times a day, a good sign for a guy that his girl still loves him. We started out as a couple who didn’t know each other well, who could not say ‘I love you’ to each other (I could but she could not! ;) See how committed I am!). There was this time that we were both artificial (I was! She wasn’t. Happy?). But gradually and with time, we learnt a lot of things from each other, realized that even though we are a little different what matters is that we love each other a lot and cannot do without each other. With every phone call and visit, our love blossomed. And I realized that Gia is more than just plain beauty. Realized that when she falls in love, there is nothing in this world that can take that thing away from her. And I am the lucky ass who is that thing. I realized that from inside, she is the most beautiful kid I have ever known or come across. One who would get upset if she cannot get hold of her cookies, or one who would cry if I didn’t say that I love her. Her dreams are not like many of the idiots including me. They are as sweet as, well, going to Disneyland. This is one girl, capable of doing just about everything to me. She can make me laugh, cry and what not. And this is one girl who can be kick ass jealous sometimes (even though there is nothing to be jealous of. Its only her and her and as usual she can never trust me! J ). I remember the beautiful things she has done for me and I have been so stupid by not appreciating it (I did realize it sweety! I seriously did!). All this make me realize that life with her is what I could have dreamt. Or I should say, never dreamt.

Gia, even though this one year, I have not been able to spend quality time with you, I have so involved and engrossed in something that I could not realize that you were upset, I want to tell you that life with you still remains what I could never dream off. I know I have erred at many a places, and I have taken away this precious time from you, have been so engrossed that I did not find time to meet you even on your birthday or our anniversary, I have broken promises, I still want to tell you that with you and only with you I want to spend my life. Only you and you can be my wife. Thanks for being so supportive throughout this phase. Love you lots!

Happy proposal anniversary,

Love Sid

PS: Now that its going to be over soon, where do you think we should celebrate? La Meridian? ;)

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Tarun said...

Congratulations Sir...Btw aap hai kahan aaj kal ??